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2019 Year In Review

Happy New Year, everyone! All of us here at OSF HealthCare Children’s Hospital of Illinois want to thank you for a fantastic 2019.

Last year was filled with incredible campaigns from Children’s Hospitals Week, to all of our corporate partners campaigns that we appreciate and are so grateful for.
It was a fantastic year full of fundraising and support! Thank you for participating and helping us reach our goals here at OSF Children’s Hospital.

Your efforts and generosity helped OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois purchase important equipment plus supported other programs.

We were able to purchase Kangaroo chairs for NICU. Spending the first days (or weeks and months) in NICU with a premature newborn does not have to be a traumatic experience, and Kangaroo Care is one of the reasons why. The Kangaroo Chair was designed to support Kangaroo care, and to improve the NICU experience for parents and newborns. The Kangaroo is all about comfort, support and safety. It’s wide back supports mother and the baby as they turn from side to side. The chair locks in all of its reclined positions so there is no sudden movement that would be startling and potentially dangerous. It is a chair that embraces mom or dad and the newborn, so that the focus is on nurturing of the baby.

The Family & Patient Care/Pediatric Development Rehab were thrilled to purchase new exercise equipment that is state-of-the art.

The Children’s Heart Institute purchased My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear. The heart shaped recorder preserves ultrasound heartbeat or voice messages. It can record 20 seconds of a voice or baby’s heartbeat. It’s adorably cute and a soft stuffed animal with a space in the back for your baby’s recording.

The Pediatric Diabetes Resource Center purchased continuous Glucose Monitor. This monitor displays real-time glucose readings, right on the receiver or smart device. It enables a person to know their glucose number and where it’s headed with zero finger sticks. It has unique sharing capabilities and alerts that can be customized. It features a slim, water-resistant sensor with an extended 10-day wear offering more convenience and fewer interruptions. It has proven to lower A1C and reduce hypoglycemic incidents

I have many, many miracle stories to share with you and I promise to do that on a weekly basis.

Again, thank you for being our partner in children’s health! I’m excited for 2020 and all the good that we can do for OSF HealthCare Children’s Hospital of Illinois with your help.

Mari Osborne