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Miracle Minute – Our CMNH Champion – Jillian.

I’m featuring Jillian today because she needs our prayers. At just 7 years old, Jillian had her 15th surgery at OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois. She had her tonsils removed, which is pretty routine for a child — but still 15!

Jillian is an NICU graduate. Her most challenging issue is a digestive disorder. She was born with part of her esophagus missing. Her parents had to make the tough decision to “freeze” her stomach and insert a feeding port… and it is permanent. Jillian will see our specialists her entire childhood. In fact, has such extreme digestive problems that our doctors referred her to a specialist at Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital to find answers.

Jillian attended TitanThon on February 1, having eaten only a cracker all day. She can’t keep food down. But you would have never known it — she played and danced and just had a blast at TitanThon. Her mom, Julie, said she’d need all day Sunday to recover from that much activity.

I was also happy to present her with a medal for being our 2020 Children’s Miracle Network Champion.

So today please say a prayer for Jillian and her very special and grateful parents – Julie and Rusty.

Thank you for being on Jillian’s team of care givers.

ALSO… a HUGE thank you to IWU TitonThon Executive Committee for raising nearly $23,000 for OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois. Fantastic Event! Fantastic Total!