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Hold the phone! It’s already September!

It’s been a busy summer with our CMNH partners as well as our do-it-yourself fundraisers. Thank you to all!

CMNH Fundraising happening right now and also coming up!
August 26 – Sept 30 – Love’s Travel Stop (we have two that raise money for our Hospital. Leroy and Dwight)
Great Clips – October 1 – 31 (Need a haircut – Great Clips are everywhere!)
Game Stop – October 4 – November 4 (our patients LOVE that they are able to play games while hospitalized)

I’ve been thinking about which child’s story I want to share with you this month. Thinking, thinking, thinking. So I looked back at the children that I’ve introduced you to. I see their sweet faces and reflected on each individual child and the challenges they faced and in some cases that they will continue to deal with throughout their childhood and beyond.

Thank you for making the choice to support OSF HealthCare Children’s Hospital of Illinois with your talents, energy and resources. You are helping ALL area children, not just children who are ill or injured, because we have many programs in place to help children stay healthy. However, when the unimaginable happens, children and their families can be confident and are grateful that a medical team at OSF Children’s Hospital will find answers to help their child. Sadly, some of our patients do not survive, and in those times, we have a compassionate team to help parents with that diagnosis also.

This month, as we go into the beautiful Fall season, I want to whole-heartedly thank you for helping us care for Cici and Anthony and Karlee and Lance and Bryler and Cedar and Jillian and Madelyn. As well as Kaden and JT and Harper and Adalie and Beau and Will and Noah and Josie and Hendrix and thousands more children who have visited our Hospital.

I’m here to help you. Please let me know if I can do anything to assist with your fundraising efforts. Again, thanks so much!

Mari Osborne, CMNH Program Director